Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good Vibrations

There was a festival at Nagasaki University when we visited. All in all it was a festive atmosphere - all sorts of student food vendors, students dancing, and this group of students performing rock music on a stage.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Petruff

How it going p thier in Tokyo I hope your in joying yourself. If I mispell as few words its because I'm trying to type with nails on, and yes I got my nails done for the fair and I'm sorry you cant be here to enjoy the fair like I'm going to so wish me luck that I make it ok from them rides ok. Also I hope you have a great Thanksgiving.....Do they even celebrate Thaksgiving up their. Me and Ms. Beasley are having a good time so to me she like another Ms.Petruff so I try so hard not give her a hard time and your not forgotton I miss you everday that your not here. So is it hard to communicate with the studant let alone the people. I understand that its like 3 or 4 o clock in da morning where you at was it hard to get use that...... Are you even use to that? Hey how about that day Ms. Beasley wasn't here cause she was sick the substitute was having problem with tv and guess what Ms. Petruff I fix yes I fix it and I was so proud of myself everybody thought I couldn't do it. So have a great time in Tokyo Ms.Petruff

O did I forget to tell you who ths was you who dis is you know it me da one and only Danielle McDougle your favorite art/photo student.

P.s. Did you give your dad that thing.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear that you are helping your teacher, I appreciate it!
As for Thanksgiving - no - they don't have anything like that here. I think we will have a traditional Japanese dinner (as if I've had anything else?) together tomorrow night after we are done visiting a middle school.
It is a bit difficult to communicate with the people here, but through pantomime and drawing & writing we manage.
Oyasumi nasai (good night!)
Take care!
Ms. P :)

Dad said...

Yes Danielle, I got the "thing". You won't belive this but didn't even have to read your signature to know who wrote that neat note.....I just knew!!! I hope you guys realise just how lucky you are, being able to participate in this adventure. Take advantage of it and LEARN.