Wednesday, November 24, 2004

May I have your autograph, please?

I am totally amazed at how much the students revere the visiting American teachers. I could barely get down the hall - much less get out of a classroom - without students surrounding me to sign something - anything for them. I even signed shirts, shoes, and bookbags! Why is it my students in Florida don't treat me like this? :)

To my students who made the hands postcards - I have a nice surprise for you from students here; you'll see it when I return.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Ms P - this is Aunt Barb in Colorado! I am so enjoying my virtual tour of Japan through your eyes and your photos. And what interesting questions your students are asking. I'm curious about the weather in Japan this time of rainy? warm? DRY HEAT???? :-)
Take care of yourself, niece. We all send our love!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Petruff

Dis is Danielle how are you? I know its been a while since I last wrote you and I know that you are truely nd really sad but its ok cause i'm here now. For the record I did have a great thankgiving and I took lots of pictures and I will bring them in so you can tell me all the mistakes that I made. You never did tell me if were use to the time schedule in Tokoyo being dat at fact that right now that your suppose to be up and going. When you get back to florida do you think that its gone be hard to get back use to sleep at your regular time? Well anyway Ms.Petruff the class doing pretty good they trying to hold themselves down and not to give her so much trouble o and got the message that you and your dad wrote and I was truely happy and I know that everybody was jealous even if they say they wasn't I know how they really feel. So in order to keep passing your class I need to watch this photo movie that she showing. O Omar asked if I was writting to you and I told him yeah but he did believe me so whatever, did you know that he jus came back from his 3 day break that nobody else had if you catch my driff.

P.S. Mr. Petruff whats up my big homie how it going well with me I'm just doing my thing and i like how you wrote me back that was cool feel free to write me any time you want cause i love to write back cause you know me i got alot to say so dont forget about me not like you can anyway I'm forgetable LOL(laugh out loud).

Alright Ms. Petruff got to go cause I done alreay miss like 7mins of the movie.