Friday, November 19, 2004

Tasty tempura

Tasty tempura
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Mmmm! Lunch today was on tatami mats (yes, I'm sitting on the floor) and consisted of tempura (fried veggies & shrimp), rice, some kind of custard (that wasn't sweet!), miso soup, and tea. Unfortunately, Danielle, we didn't have any "ricecream"... :(


Anonymous said...

Ms Petruff -wow, looks like you are having a great time! I read your post card to all your classes and we caught up on your journey today. I copied it and passed it around and posted it on your japan board. Some of your students had questions about Japan and wanted to say hi. I am going to put their greetings and questions in the next comment. If you get a chance please email me at I have a few questions.

Anonymous said...

Block 3

Hi Ms. Petruff,
Hope your trip is going great. I just wanted to know what ages they start going to school and when they graduate over in Japan. And is college difficult to get into?
Brandon Neslund

Are they friendly, are you a celebrity?

Is the Menu in McDonalds in Japanese?

What do they have in Japan that America has?
Gregory Butler

Hello Ms P, How you doing? I am good. I'm keeping up the good work. Have a good time Ok, but come back.
Vanessa Williams

Hey Ms P,
I just want to say hey. I am displaying top student behavior while trying to help Ms. Beasley. I thank you very much for leaving a teacher like Ms. Beasley in you place so we can really learn something. I wish you the best in Japan and I can't wait to see your return.
Love Always,
Your most appreciative student,
Rupert Mulgrave

Ms P,
Why do they celebrate Shichi-go-san on the fifteenth of every November?
Crystal Smith
Hi Ms Petruff,
Hope you are having fun trying new things in Japan. I want to say that I miss you very much. Everyone down here is doing fine.
Take Care,
Love Always,
Jessica Rivera

Dear Ms Petruff,
How are you doing? How is Japan? We need you back here because we are going crazy back here. When you get back tell us all about your trip.

Hello Ms Petruff,
This is your greatest student Michael Joseph and I want to say hi and have a terrific time while you're there.

(So as not to overwhelm you - and because dinner is ready - I'll send Block 4 to you tommorrow and Block 1 on Monday. Have a super weekend!)
Ms B

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are having an awesome time! The fact that you can keep up with this online journal is great too. If you really end up taking portraits of students in Japan for my online collaborative portrait page, let me know and I will show my students this journal as an idea of what is coming. We have just finished our portraits and I hope to have these new photos online within a week or so. Have fun for the rest of your exciting trip!
Your roomie from France,