Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Cranes for Peace

Originally uploaded by Tracey Petruff.
Look closely - you'll see that these are tiny paper origami cranes that people have made and donated to the Atomic Bomb Museum in an effort to promote peace.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tracey,

I really like Sugar from Hello Kitty. I like kittens. Mommy said you are with Sugar in Japan.



Basket. Mirror. Bracelet. Bracelet. Treasure Chest. Music Box. Toys. And there are two more loves and one more and one more and one more for my whole family. Kitty.

Gillian Lyn....
I know that, Mom.

One day there was a kitten named Citizen Maleege. She falled into the river and she walked back out. She won her necklace when she was the finish line. She jumped into the basket and the treasure chest has two kittens in it and her milk and flowers. And her brother won a charm at the finish line, too. Meow. Meow. Meow.

The scissors was never very far away.

(Typist's note: I can't make this stuff up! I just type as I am told.)

Signed Love,