Thursday, August 31, 2006


Can you believe Honda san (on right) had never tried peanut butter? Well, we had to fix that! I introduced apples and peanut butter to my "lunch bunch" posse, Reiko san and Honda san...check in again later to see Honda san doing her Brad Pitt impression...
ps - Gilli-chan & Bernie-chan you can be honorary members of the LBP, too! (but only if you eat with your chopsticks) Kelly san, if you pull up the blog at lunch time, it'll be just like old times :)


Gina said...

Gilli-chan sez: I love apples and peanut butter! I haven't tried *those* with my hashi, though. You look beautiful in your kimono. I love you.

Bernie-chan sez: I like the airplane picture. I'll stick with apples--peanut butter is too sticky. I tasted peanut butter cookies and I like them, though.

Gina-mom sez: the yukatta is gorgeous! If I wouldn't get lots of high eyebrows and stares, I might just take that up as my new style for fall. (Can't be too non-compliant in The South!)

Anonymous said...

Can you believe I did pull it up at lunch. Sitting all alone eating pasta. This is really internationalm eh? How cosmopolitan!!! Love the Yukatta Trace!