Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bow - WOW

(yes, I like dags...but this post is really about softball)

My first 5 classes (40 students each, 2 class periods I had 80 kids!) went really well today - they seemed to have a good time, and of course Sam was a big hit. After school I caught the bus home and then ran/walked back to school (about 45 min or so). It was about 6pm, so I hung around the groups practicing sports and their routines for the festival. These kids are really amazing - after school clubs are just what they all do - they play, rehearse, etc. instead of getting into trouble or playing video games. Anyway, I wandered out to the (boys) softball practice (they know that I play). Get this. They all saw me, and actually ALL STOPPED WHAT THEY WERE DOING, TURNED TO ME AND BOWED, saying "konnichiwa". Omigosh...I didn't quite know what to do! I kinda bowed back and returned their greeting in English. Then they gave me a ball and a glove and I threw with one of the guys for a bit. And I wouldn't be surprised if there's a pair of cleats my size waiting for me at my desk tomorrow. I really think the want me to play with them ??? One of the guys asked me - probably on behalf of the team - to come to their game next week. Then, when I left, they all stopped and bowed (they stayed down awhile!) again!

Just another day in the life...It's so hard being the local celebrity :)


godmother said...

Do you have a sore back from the bowing? How is the softball team doing? Any spikes?

Tracey Petruff said...

Bowing isn't giving me a sore back, but schlepping around my omoi (heavy) backpack to/from school on the bus/train/bike everyday is! I need a good massage! Right now I've resorted to leaning on a racketball (sorry, C, I stole one) against the wall or floor to work out the kinks.