Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More biru?

Miki pours Fuchi a drink (notice how cute the little beer 'mugs' are?!) A little note on "the way they do things here" - when you want more to drink, someone else pours it for you. In some places in Japan, the men actually just hold up their glass and yell, "Biru!" and some woman will come running over to pour him a drink. (yeah - don't get any ideas, guys. You try that one with me, and I'll say, "What, are your legs broken?") Another one of the JETs from Miami wrote me about a party that he attended where the women actually did this running-over-to-pour-business, and he said it made him feel really awkward. Another BIG note - there is NO drinking and driving. You drink even one drink, and then drive - you're liable to end up in prison. You better not even drive the next morning if you drank a bit the night before - they can still nab you then. Solution? You call this cool "taxi" service - this service provides someone else to drive you and your car home. It's even cheaper than a regular taxi. Maybe Mr. Gibson should take down that number...

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