Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is the inside of a passage way on the Kamome train, one of the Japan Railway (JR) lines that runs between big cities here in Kyushu. I've been told the Japanese on the signs says something about Holland, as the Dutch were the first foreigners here back when Japan closed itself off from the world. Directly on the left (it's too dark to see) is a little booth where you go to talk on your keitai (cell phone). How nice, eh? Come to think of it, I rarely hear people babbling on their phones anywhere (maybe that's because you only get 62 minutes for 5,000 yen/month!). PS - click on the title, "Kamome" and it will take you to the JR Kyushu link - the English one :)


Anonymous said...

B sez: "It looks more like an art gallery! Those symbols look a lot like art."

Mom sez: "Gorgeous. And I would be sunk with only 62 minutes. I used nearly 2000 anytime minutes this month... thank goodness for free nights and weekends!"

Tracey Petruff said...

B-kun (I learned you use -kun when speaking to a boy) - actually that would be a really cool idea to put an art exhibit on a train - that way you don't have to go to it, it would come to you! And if you get tired of the stuff on display, you could always go sit and look out the windows.
Gina-chan - as far as minutes go (which OBVIOUSLY isn't very far), you should have seen the strange looks I got from the Japanese when I asked about "free nights and weekends." In fact, now that I think about it, I don't even get any minutes included on my landline at home (not sure exactly what I'm paying for there...)
Thanks for the posts ;)
xoxoxo for ya'll :)