Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I can't remember if I've explained "noren" before - it's that curtain that you pass through to get into a shop or restaurant. I always liked them, but even more so, now, since it reminds me of Mom (who's name is Noreen). Every time I pass through one now, I have a feeling that she's just brushed by me. Funny, since I had the distinct impression that she never wanted to come visit over here. But I guess she can go wherever she likes now without the hassle of having to go through all the security checks :)
This is the entry way into the little place we went to for lunch on the bike ride last Sunday.

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godmother said...

Yep, she goes wherever she wants
without the hasstle. I bet too she
is gently brushing against you, as
the pass thru the curtain. But,
that's just her way of letting you
know for sure that she is ALWAYS