Friday, January 12, 2007

Did I mention that one of the big Japanese New Year's traditions is to go to the shrines and temples? It's funny, though, because as I was walking along the long line to ring the bell at this huge temple in Fukuoka (of course we couldn't wait until morning on the 1st, we had to go after rolling around in Tenjin for New Year's - 12:30-3:30ish am...), religion didn't even occur to me (it did occur to me tho, that I made up half the gaijin population there that night - as usual). My lessons this week included a bit where the Japanese students compared/contrasted (oh, no! that almost feels FCAT!) New Year's traditions in US and Japan, so when I read their homework, maybe I'll understand a little bit more. For now, it's mostly a mystery. However, I'm pretty sure that the little water bowls at the feet of the statue here are for this diety's cats.
Or dogs?
Speaking of - I need a little pep up here (I know I look genki in the pics - but I'm a really good actress). Please send me a favorite photo of your pet (esp dogs) doing something silly. Pet pics - that always perks me up. Arigatooooo -tsensei :)

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Cara said...

Sorry, no pets in this house to photograph and send over... maybe when the ice goes away the squirrels will come back and I'll send that over. Do they have squirrels in Japan? I think I've heard that they don't... ???