Monday, February 05, 2007


Here's a little plug for a great spot in Sasebo. After school (and the gym!) on Friday I hopped a train up to "Sas Vegas" for a Cheese Night (any cheesy music that is cringe-worthy) at Dazzle Puzzle. I ate dinner at this little place that Gill and I went to the last time I was here. Mike's Mexican - grrrreat! Really cute ambience, and excellent food. It's about as big as your pocket, but well worth the trip. Sorry for the delay on the guy who serenaded us - I promise that later this week.
(and did you send your postcard yet??? The mailbox is hungry!)

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Jon Frashier said...

hmm..strange..there is a Mike's Mexican in Higashi Rinkan in the Kanto area, wonder if it's the same guy..interesting..Jon