Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Go Bananas

I know I should stay home to study Japanese. But it's such a beautiful day, and we're "yasumi" because it's the vernal equinox, so I'm skipping out and going to see the tulips in Huis Ten Bosch. By myself. Of course. (sigh) I actually had a partner in crime, but she called in sick. Called some other peeps, but apparently they're still sleeping or have other plans. Sometimes this "goin' alone" thing gets a little old - especially when it's so difficult to strike up a conversation with the locals (even if I did speak more Japanese - I'm big, blonde, and therefore scary to most of these inakajin). However, I'll keep trying, as I always, do. Just a little bit down right now. It's not all fun and games here, but overall I know it's a good experience, even if I do live a fairly solitary existence. So here's a funny moment I captured on the camera the other day as I was riding around. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing that I feel like these bananas sometimes...


Anonymous said...

In response to your comment: 'Sometimes this "goin' alone" thing gets a little old...'
Well, not sure if this will help, but personally I feel like I'm riding or walking right along with you every step of the way. Since I'm bigger and blonder, I would definitely be scarier - so seeing Japan through your eyes and the eyes of your camera is certainly safer for the locals and such a joy for me. My dream since high school (which was eons ago!) was to one day travel to Japan. And every time I look at your newest pictures, a little more of my dream unfolds before my eyes. Not sure MY joy in what you're doing and seeing will actually make your travels any less solitary, but if you can just picture all of us who read your blog crowding around you on your awesome adventures - it just might help a tiny bit. Love you, Trace -
So, where are we going tomorrow???
Aunt Barb

Tracey Petruff said...

Thanks, Aunt Barbara!
Knowing that I have people like you "around" does make things easier. I'm so glad that someone is reading these entries, and getting something out of it. Over here I feel so out of touch with humanity sometimes. I'm continually amazed at how a people can be so aloof. I'm just so different. Though, it's funny how I seem to have a small affect on them. Since I'm so bubbly (most of the time - I'm a reeeeally good actress - teaching's taught me that!) and aLIVE, I do see - very rarely - but I have witnessed some of them breaking out of their little shells every now and again. They're so used to the comfort of their routine - that any deviation is scary (hence my unwitting intimidation). I will say that Reiko san actually thanked me after her "Irish birthday event" saying that more Japanese people should be like me and express how they really feel more often.
So - as I said - it's not ALL bad, but it does get really tiring - I know Chris and Dad have at least each other physically - and there are other people around - so I'm a little jealous, since the only people close by that understand English are usually too busy chasing little Japanese girls. So - I try to find rest in God - and thanks to all the Theresians, He's a little more tangible. But if someone were to appear in the flesh, I wouldn't complain either :)


ps - I have your Christmas photo of the family right on my desk :) Someday I hope I can send you one like that of my family :)

Gina said...

Hey Tracey,

Goodness knows I have plenty of company with the kiddos running around me--but I know what you mean about the going it alone. I am so sorry that you have those days--and wish it were easier to hop a flight and spend your days off tooling around with you.

Maybe we need to set up some phone time...