Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy St. Paddy's!

Hope everyone's sufficiently recovered from the festivities!
So I know you're all wondering "how the Japanese do St. Patrick's Day"...well...they don't, really, but thanks to a gaijin from Ireland (aptly even named Patrick!) who organized a gig at the Spot in Omura, I had a small dose of this holiday. Thanks to my Texas friend, Cara, I even had a fabulous get up! Thanks again for the shirt, C, it was a big hit! I even brought some green glitter paint and we had a good time painting shamrocks and the like (ever the art teacher, yo!). I hopped the train up to Omura, and hung out at the tabe/nomihodai (all you can eat/drink) at the Spot till about 11, when I had to catch the train back (had to go to a school function on Sunday morning). I'm not into most things alchohol lately, but it was entertaining watching the rounds of Irish Car Bombs, and, yes, there was green beer. I got on Patrick's case since there was no Irish music to be heard (I should've just brought mine - but you'd think with at least two real live Irishmen...). There was also a TON of smoke - I keep forgetting that Japan isn't smoke free anywhere - gotta say I REEEEally miss that about the States. Anyway, the best part of St. Pat's here was actually the day before, when we serenaded Reiko san (whose birthday is March 17) with "When Irish Eyes are Smiling". Dad sent over a plush leprechaun that played the song, and so I rallied the troops and we sang to Reiko san after she opened her present. Kyoto sensei (the one who's in the birthday photo with me) should really consider karaoke as a second career!

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