Monday, April 09, 2007


It didn't hit me until today - the first day of the new school year here in Japan - that this is perhaps a more appropriate time for such a beginning...rather than dragging yourself out from from the sweaty underbelly of summer to become accquainted with everything a new school year has to offer. As I rode home tonight, I noticed that while I was in Fukuoka, Spring has swirled in, dropped her bags, and is now lounging around my little city...scattering sakura blossoms here and there at the bobbing azaleas, you see her nodding her head sleepily (or is that just me? I think I'm falling asleep at my keyboard...)
Remind me to tell you about the "ohanami" - the parties that we have here under the blooming cherry blossoms...
(ps - for the technical photographic record - this is as close as I can get to the infrared/hand colored print that this tree is begging for...)

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Papa san said...

OK......I'll remind you...."Tell us about the ohanami". I'll bet it really is beautiful with all the flowering things coming to life again. Sent you an e-mail today telling of the news about the new house. I have more pictures that i will be sending shortly. You're really going to love this place. The dogwood and azalias in the front are spectacular. I figure in the summer, I won't be able to see the road.