Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Happy little flowers

Just another random shot from Unzen. I have really enjoyed seeing all the different flowers at different times of the year (I think they call this phenomenon "seasons"? New to me, since all I knew in soFla was hurricane season and, well, Not). Apparently the Japanese like flowers, too. As I walked around Unzen, I saw these little flower pots all over, but they were all different (and didn't seem too "professionally/systematically" done). I can only assume that there was a flower/decorating contest going on. I saw another one with Thomas the Train and his friends, but as you can see in the photo, this artist went with a Disney theme. I included the car in there for scale - notice how it DWARFS the figures in the flower box...
(ok - I'm leaving now so you don't have to endure any more lame attempts to be punny)
(By the way - I put up a photo of me in close proximity of a giant stone phallus, and NO ONE says a word? Is anyone still out there?)


Gina said...

I so need those little guys--how cute are they?? If I were closer, I'd sneak up and hork them.

No I wouldn't. But it makes me feel all rebellious to pretend I would.

I need a life.

Anonymous said...

I'm here! I'm here. Just been sick for the past 3 weeks since we got home from our vacation at the National Drum competitions in Ohio. Picked up some nasty virus from all the kids we were around and didn't have the energy to get on this computer much. BUT, I do check your blog out regularly - however, since "kids" read this I just wasn't quite sure what sort of a comment might be appropriate for the stone phallus shot. LOTS came to mind, but I'm much safer commenting on the beautiful flowers!!! Hey, I'm working on the next book, Trace... Got a recipe for me???
Hugs and love, Aunt Barb

Cara said...

re: lack of 'tasteful' comments about the, ahem, sculpture garden... It will interest you to know that I am not able to view the reference photograph. Apparently our corporate 'blocking' software is that good... I see the little box with an 'x' through it. When I tried to open the image in a separate window, I was denied as the key word 'penis' was associated with the image.

Now that I know, I'll have to look it up on the home computer!

Tracey Petruff said...

Gina: you rebel, you. I'm sure you would at least leave a creative ransom note. In Japanese.
Aunt Barbara: Happy Belated Mothers' Day (since you're now my official adopted Mom). Sorry for not sending any sentiments...I just kinda tried to skip that holiday this year. I actually had to work at school all day. Hope you're feeling better soon, and I look forward to hearing about the competition. By the way, there's an 18yr old Ryan from Denver in our Oral Communication book here. :)
Cara: Of course I thought of you with all those little dwarfs...& with Gina's horking comment, I even had flashbacks to Mrs. Martin's apple-napping...Hope you get to enjoy the nice "garden feature" in the comfort of your own home! Wow - I think you need to lodge a formal discrimination/cultural/racism complaint about your being denied the opportunity to learn about an important part of the Japanese culture. Does your company have any Japanese business clients/relations? (wow - am I asking for it, or what?)
OK, then, back to rowing with the other slaves here...