Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jump JUMP!

As promised - here are the kids in the jump rope competition we had one night at camp. Imagine - a gym full of over 300 10th graders (after hiking and marching all day!). They jumped in classes of about 40, 3 classes at a time.
They weren't too good at first, but eventually all the classes found their rhythm...

I know I couldn't do this! This is why I just crawled around on the floor taking photos (crazy gaijin that I am - I figure if I'm doing something I REALLY shouldn't, eventually someone will come wave me down.)

PS - make sure you read the comments in each of the posts for a "behind the scenes" point of view. For those of you who were curious, Jon - who's been making several comments - was a Nagasaki JET last year, and has a pretty good understanding of what I'm going through...though I think, Jon, that though your social life must have been better, your school life sounds like it was a little more challenging??? Just getting you prepped for the life of a Florida school teacher, ne!
Which, by the way - if any of you school teachers are still reading this, I'm looking for reading comprehension question stems. (Of course I had files of these back home, but - ) Believe it or not, I can't seem to nail down standards for English reading and writing here...the teachers just keep reinventing the wheel everytime they make tests. (!!!) Thanks in advance!


Tracey Petruff said...

I have no idea why the post looks like this - so much for the "preview" view...sorry!

Anonymous said...


I still say you can have a career as a photojournalist after this!! As a retired teacher I am very interested in your thoughts on discipline. Sounds like classroom management is a lot easier than at Ely. Glad to hear you have signed up for "another tour of duty". The longer you stay there the more "at home" you will feel. As for home---you know that is where the heart is!!

So proud of you! Keep up the wonderful work. God bless and keep smilin'


Jon Frashier said...

okay I'm stupid, I was just focusing on the comments on that last post, never thought to continue reading through the new posts..haha....sorry...and thank you! Jon