Friday, November 09, 2007

Let's go to Goto!

Right, so it's really corny...but I've a cold and the medicine is making me "happy" (or I'm lacking oxygen?). I just wanted to throw some quick pics up - here's one of me and Jared on Takahama beach in the Goto Islands. We went there on a slow ferry, and later some other mates joined us at a bungalow I found for us on the beach. It seemed like we had the island to ourselves, though, as the Japanese don't seem big on beaches after Obon (Aug 15). Right - so I have more photos, but blogger is not cooperating - gomen ne -
I planned to go to Kyoto this weekend, but I came down with this cold, and apparently it's cold and rainy in Kyoto. So if I make the 6:08 bus tomorrow morning, I'm off to Yufuin, a little onsen town in the mountains in Oita prefecture on the other side of Kyushu. OK - bedtime - oyasumi nasai :)

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