Monday, December 17, 2007

At the 水族館("Suizokukan")

Hisashiburi desu! ("Long time no see!") I've finally returned from my trip to the States for Thanksgiving, etc. I was actually physically back last week, but I managed to limp through the whole week on auto pilot, and now I think I'm finally over the fog of all the traveling. I had to deal with a lot when I went "home", but I'm glad I went. I got to spend a lot of quality time with Dad, and on one of our outings he took me to the Georgia Aquarium ("suizokukan") in Atlanta. Subarashii desu, yo! I can't think of any better company for that little field trip; he's probably the reason for my affinity for sea creatures. Dad knows just about everything about all the stuff that lives there, so it was nice to have a personal tour guide. :)


Papasan said...

The Aquarium was a fun trip and I was glad to get to share it with you. I tend to relate the the sea and the criters living there, so naturally i like to learn about them......and living for a year on an isolated Pacific atoll got me up close and personal.

Cara said...

Glad you're back and blogging again - very cool picture with the penguin!!

Gina said...

So sorry we only got within 200 miles of one another. Perhaps on your next foray into this hemisphere we can find a way to make visual contact. :)

The kids just got back from Florida... seems like a lifetime since we all lived there, no??

Happy New Year!
Gina ;~}