Saturday, December 29, 2007

Silent Night

On Christmas Eve I was able to go to Mass at the cathedral in Fukuoka with my Aussie friend and her Japanese mother, pictured here. Though the Mass was all in Japanese, some things still translate.

It was so beautiful at the end of Mass, when we all held candles and sung "Silent Night" (once again in Japanese, of course). Notice the lady in the veil there - it's common for the Japanese women to wear veils at Mass here. Of course I really missed being with Dad and Chris, and seeing/hearing Dad and the music group play, but, I managed to make it through. Maybe they can join me here next year :)

And, ahh, yes - the new traditional Christmas Eve dinner - yakiniku (grilled meat).

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Anonymous said...


What a beautiful picture of your and your friends!! Sounds like it wa a very special Mass. We thought of you as we gathered here in Boca. Have a Happy Healthy New Year. God bless. Stay in touch and keep smilin'