Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hey, there, puddin' -

I think I've passed the point of no return...I think I've now really made some ties that I will be sad to 'break' when I finally leave this place.
It's a common joke among the gaijin (foreigners) that the Japanese people are always asking us when we're LEAVING (like they can't get rid of us fast enough!). But the other night, when I was out to dinner with a nice couple whom I see each week to help them practice English (more "enkaiwa"), they asked how long I was staying in Japan. When I told them I'd probably leave in August, 2009, they said how sad they would be when I left! It's nice to feel wanted :)
At the end of our dinner, the shop owner brought over some special desserts for us - this pudding in these very uniquely-shaped cups. Mmmm...oishikatta, yo!


Anonymous said...

What clever cups! And how nice of the owner to give you such a unique dessert. What does the pudding taste like, Trace. It looks more like Jello than what we call pudding. Is it sweet, creamy?

Have I told you lately how much I love reading your blog?

Hugs and love!
Aunt Barb

Tracey said...

The pudding was kind of a vanilla cream - but the consistency of really soft tofu. On top was something like a really thin maple syrup (kind of watery, but very sweet). For some reason "creme brulee" comes to mind, but it didn't have a crunchy top.
I"m really glad you like reading this! It definitely helps to know there's someone out there!