Monday, March 10, 2008

Exile & Koda - "Won't Be Long" seems the the US influence here extends beyond the proliferation of McDonald's restaurants...but I can tell you the peeps around here don't look any thing like this. Might want to cover the kids' eyes - Koda seems to be allergic to clothes.
The reason I looked this up is because kids at the International Day danced this song for us last week. But because I, once again, didn't quite understand what we were supposed to be doing, I started dancing with the kids (which they liked), but it was really hard to keep up. I glanced at my friend who wasn't dancing and she said, "I think maybe we only have to watch, yo" ANYWAY...the kids were really cute.
So - douzo. K-sensei, I thought maybe the Ely peeps could use this as a diversion from FCAT...
For the record, Bump of Chicken's still got my vote.

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Anonymous said...

sweet! Koda is hot; nothing like that eighties look for an eighties guy. That being said, and even given the standards of Asian video, that is the worst lip syncing job I've ever witnessed. The Simpson girls would be so proud.