Monday, June 30, 2008

Our friend Kota came over from Hiroshima a couple weeks back, 
and you just can't get together without a little
purikura action!  Has this caught on in the US yet?


penquin said...

gotta say....i'm liking that rock star look you got goin' on :o)

and that would be a negative ~ but toledo is a bit behind when it comes to being up w/ the times

Cara said...

Funky...I like the 2nd from the left the best. Haven't seen that here, although it would make for some very interesting family photos when CJ arrives!

And since you closed your poll before I could vote... I don't really like the new format b/c I can't check everyday, so I'm afraid I'll get behind when you go on a posting spree like you did over the weekend! :-)

Tracey said...

Is this any better? I changed the format to include 7 days with posts...
How many more days, mama? ;)

Tracey said...

penquin -

We'll have to do some purikura with some of the students while you're here :)