Monday, July 28, 2008

Banana Split Party

Last week I had some kids over to make ice cream and banana splits.
It was definitely their first time making & probably even
seeing a real banana split,
and I think it was also the first time most of them made ice cream, too.
We had lots of fun reading the English ice cream instructions,
and, I daresay, everyone had a good time!

The little ones were having difficulty with the whipped cream (incidentally, this was the first time I've found/used whipped cream and chocolate sauce in Japan!)

While the ice cream was churning, T-kun went a little 'nuts' :)

Since these guys were novices, we had a short lesson beforehand to go over the important steps in making a delicious banana split.

While waiting for the ice cream, the kids also decorated my windows, and so I had a nice surprise waiting for me when the sun came up!


Barb said...

What are they using to decorate the windows? I'd love to do that to my back sliding doors!

PS: I'll be there in August for that next ice cream party. . . at least in spirit! :-)

Tracey said...

They're these gel - thingys (that, of course, is their technical name). What kind would you like? Flowers, sea life, any other subject matter?

Tonykaku said...

sounds like fun. in honor of your banana split party, i will consume some "cookies and cream" ice cream
and then a nap. nice to travel, nice to get home.

i have some of those "gel" things on my windows. . . i can see cherry blossoms every day.

penquin said...

yea, & if you even think i'm going to sit through any "lessons" on banana splits...well you can forget me doing the dishes that night!!!


Tracey said...

Tonykaku - cookies 'n' cream ice cream - iina! Guess that's a flavor I'll have to make myself :) I meant to get some of the sakura gels, too, when they were out...but I guess I'll try again next year.

Penquin - if I have to give the likes of YOU elementary banana split making tactics, I'm not sure you should even be allowed in my kitchen! You know I'm kidding, and can't wait till I get some American cooking/baking again! AND you'll do the dishes? Too bad you can only stay a week! ;)