Tuesday, September 02, 2008

omochi yori/kaeri pa-ty!

So it looks like the winner is...Bernie! Yeah - out of all you who SAID you were going to come visit me here in Japan, this guy is the only one of you lot to actually follow through, yo. ;o I had a really good time showing off my little corner of the world to my American friend here. The night he came down to my place I hosted an "omochi yori" (pot luck) party so B could taste all sorts of Japanese food (and so I wouldn't have to cook ;) ).
OHMIGOODNESS did we ever have lots of food!

And people! I think there were 28 people in the apartment at one point!
I didn't know that I knew that many people!
And, 15 minutes before the end of the party, those amazing creatures - otherwise known as Japanese ladies - were a whirlwind in my kitchen and suddenly everyone had a take home plate, all the rooms were clean, and my kitchen was spotless. They're just brilliant those J-ladies!


Tonykaku said...

welcome home (welcome back). congratulations and all that. i am glad to hear your friend made it there safely. it is wonderful to have someone to share some
these brilliant Japanese memories. i miss Japan but
fortunately i have so many memories and photos and music and J-doramas to get me thru until i return.

penquin said...

are those horns i see growing out of your head...?

Barb said...

Ok - I'm going to pout! I am so jealous of Berns getting to be escorted around Japan by my favorite niece. He'd better have a good memory because I'm going to quiz him on everything he saw while he was there. Hear that Mr. B???? Can't wait for Christmas.
Love you, Trace.

Tracey said...

Well, 'Mr. B' - who do you think PUT those horns there?
Ah, yes, our fellow readers may not be familiar with this reference. Any Japanese peeps who want to explain WHY Japanese women have to wear such big white "hats" on their wedding day...feel free. I'll just let the record state that I will NOT be having a traditional Japanese wedding (that's if I ever take anyone up on an offer, of course!).

Penquin said...

HI A. Barb ~ ~ Hmmm...I don't know...I've got a pretty good memory for some things & not so great for others. At least I know there's the possiblity of a pop quiz so I'll be sure to bring my study materials along so I'm properly prepared.

Looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the family!!! B

Barb said...

Same here, B... Bring your sense of humor! You're going to need it with this family. And I so glad that at least one person got to see up close and in person what Tracey's been experiencing all this time. Her blog is such a wonderful gift to all of us. "I hope you know that, Tracey!"

See you both in about 4 months.