Thursday, December 04, 2008

Here are photos from our school festival.
Every summer "vacation" the students start preparing for
a school-wide cultural festival.
Every class and many clubs do performances or
make some sort of display.
Here are some samples of what they did this year.
Feel free to click on the picture show &
it will take you to the photo collection.
I've made comments on a lot of the pics to tell
you what's going on.
(aren't the students adorable???)
(is the slide show working for you? it kept stalling on a guitar slide...please let me know-)


Anonymous said...

Slide show worked just fine - loved it. And I am blown away by the artwork. What talented kids, Tracey. Yes, the students ARE adorable!
Aunt Barb

Penquin said...

Most excellent - what are my chances there'll be a sim. festival like this in march? ? ?