Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

I'm once again trying to do my part to help promote grassroots internationalization...I'm hosting a "Fat Tuesday" party tonight. Should be really interesting since it's really difficult finding beads and a King Cake (New Orleans would faint at what I'm calling a "King Cake"!)...and I can't seem to find PURPLE anything for that matter. Huh. The things we take for granted in our home countries. This whole party thing started because my friend, as soon as heard that I had an ice cream maker, wouldn't let me rest till we had an ice cream party. Well, just so happens I'm off today (have to work on Saturday), and it's FAT Tuesday. So, by having a "party" I can make homemade chocolate chip cookies & ice cream and won't be able to eat ALL of it!
Alright - I'm off to go find the rest of the ingredients for some jambalaya and mochi fried ice cream...


Cara said...

So did any of the cookie dough end up in the ice cream? :-)

Tracey said...

Actually - it did! We also decided that the pineapple, cookie crumbs, and rum are all good toppings as well. (just not all in one bowl!) Yeah - I was really surprised the coconut milk ice cream worked! I couldn't find any good recipes for it, so I just put the coconut milk, honey, a banana, & some lemon juice in the blender & then put it into the ice cream maker. Never fails to humor me - watching people watching the ice cream maker! Everyone is always so fascinated by the process!

I'd really like to try it with pieces of coconut or coconut flakes - but I've never seen them here.

OH, the places we will go - my ice cream maker and I! ;)