Friday, March 13, 2009

do you know what "banana" is in Japanese?

...would you believe - it's banana! :)

I had the cuties over again, and as you can see, they're a great help when it comes to mashing bananas for banana-choco-chip muffins! When the muffins were baking, we did the silly banana song ("Peel/Eat/Go Bananas, go go bananas!") with actions, of course. I couldn't believe it when the little ones remembered the words! We haven't done the song since last summer!

ps - I was good & kept my Lenten promise to not have any chocolate - I gave all the muffins away, even though the choco chips made them look/smell sooooo good!


Tracey said...

Thanks, B, the recipe is great! ;)

Cara said...

Good for you for resisting temptation - hope you didn't have to clean the spoons/bowls instead of having a cutie lick them! :-) My cutie now eats beans, carrots, peas and sweet potatoes. Carrots seem to be the favorite. Maybe b/c I snacked on so many while pregnant? ;-p

B said...

You're Welcome ~ Glad to see you & the kids had fun :-) should have made at least one muffin w/out the choco chips for your taste buds to enjoy ;o)