Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sunday was a sad, happy day since it was my last graduation here.
These sannensei (third year students, seniors) were my first year students when I got here in 2006. The ones right around me in this photo were the same ouendan club guys I photographed after graduation two years ago...now they're passing the torch on to their kohai (junior members) as they set off for university.
More graduation pics & 'how Tracey got into that get-up' pics later when I'm on my computer.
My birthday was fairly quiet (outside of some slight hyperventilating on my part while I was watching Hugh Jackman in Australia). Thank you all for the cards and well-wishes!


Anonymous said...

Your students are all grown up, Trace! And you will forever be part of their journey. What a gift you were to each of them. I am so proud of you.

PS: Skip and I just finished watching Australia, too. I loved it. (Hope our card got there in time. Had the Sisters say special prayers for you on your birthday, hon. Wish we could have hugged you in person!) Love you sooooo much.

Anonymous said...

Australia was the WORST. I'm not sure how they managed but there was ZERO chemistry and even Jackman soapy lacked his usual hotness factor