Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Omuraisukare and singing frogs

One of the great benefits of not having a car & then missing the last bus home is that you get to wander around on foot and find interesting places for dinner. At 7:15 when I was leaving school last night, all I wanted to do was grab something from the store and go home. Instead, I went for a walk about, and ended up in this little restaurant near the arcade (outside shopping mall). Omuraisu (omelette + rice) is quite a common dish here, but I just never felt the urge to try an omelette filled with ketchup-seasoned rice. What you see pictured above is Omuraisukare - a house specialty - and I'll just say it tastes MUCH better than it sounds or looks. Onion and shrimp omelette, on a bed of rice, covered with Japanese curry (kare). Wow. I really had my doubts when he served it up, but it was amazing!

Afterwards, it decided to rain a bit. Seeing as that the rain was being rather noncommittal about the whole thing, I started walking home along the river and was treated to a proper frog symphony. So, since they sounded so lovely, I saved on a cab ride, kept walking, and got wet.

I figured - I'll dry (~,^)

and - I did.

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Cara said...

Glad to hear it tasted better than it looks! :-)