Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cheap thrills

Some local sunflowers seduced me!
only \100!
Yay for summer!


Penquin said...

As Always ~ Just Beautiful :o)

Cara said...

Cool! Glad to see you're treating yourself :-)

Anonymous said...

Tracey----What a beautiful picture!! Certainly worthy of a magazine cover! I'm sure you are counting the days until you come back to the U.S. Enjoy these last few weeks in that excotic land. Maybe we'll see you in Dallas??

God bless and keep smilin'


Cousin Bill said...


Love your blog and am keeping up on your plans, while your computer is not connected to the internet for emails. You do a beautiful job with the blog and it is expremely interesting. I'll take your word that the food tasted better than it looks. (-_-)

Cousin Bill

Tracey said...

Yea! Hoorah for mobile uploads and camera phones :)
The flowers were about $1, by the way - the yen sign didn't translate.

Cathy, I'm trying to swing a deal to stay more than a few minutes in Dallas on my return flight. I currently have a layover, but thanks to 'the way they do things here', I was required to pay ($2,500) for my ticket, (a week ago), and still have neither a copy of the ticket nor an itinerary. Hopefully I'll have everything (including a reimbursement!) next week so I can figure out a TX visit :)