Saturday, June 06, 2009

...just out for a ride

I have to 'work' this weekend, since it's the annual Nagasaki Prefecture High School Sports Competition. Today I rode my bike down to the girls' volleyball match. They played well, but lost the match. The kids and teachers not associated with sports teams go to cheer for the teams. I was surprised to find myself next to the principal, and impressed with his enthusiasm!
On the hot, long ride home I stopped for a little roadside ice cream cone. Umai (^O^)/


Cara said...

So are the standard ice cream flavors chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, or do they have seaweed and eel? :-)

Tracey said...

They do have special "black sesame" (it's literally grey!), and I've had soba (also used to make what they make pasta), and matcha (green tea). But this guy only had - would you believe - vanilla. ;)