Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 6th!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!


Cousin Bill said...


I just had so much fun feeding your fish little treats, that you will not have to treat them for the next week. As a matter of fact I'd advise against it, lest they get sick. (-_-)

Cousin Bill

Cara said...

Looks like rainy season is over :-) Glad to see you were able to enjoy both coasts :-) We attended the neighborhood 4th of July parade (think decorated bikes and wagons, boy scout troop, fire truck, etc.) followed by some fierce hula-hooping. Fun- maybe next year you'll join us? :-)

Anonymous said...

Tracey---Where did you find such a display of Americana? Nice that someone put such time and effort to help us celebrate our birthday. Are you counting the hours yet until you will be on "real" American soil? I too enjoyed feeding the fish---they will have to go on a diet soon! Enjoy these last few weeks in your "home away from home". Take care of yourself. God bless and keep smilin' Love-----Cathy

Tracey said...

Glad everyone is having fun feeding the fish!
I went to Sasebo July 2 for my friend's change of command ceremony at the Navy base there. I got to visit my Japanese family up there, and then went back to the base area for a 4th of July picnic - Yay!