Monday, November 22, 2004

Kamakura Buddha

Kristi Tracey BuddhaJPG
Originally uploaded by Tracey Petruff.
This is Kristi, my partner in crime for the day. We hopped a train to Kamakura and sought out this huge Buddha. My guide book said that this site had been a refuge for battered wives to get away from their husbands; unfortunately unless they made it into the sacred grounds, their husbands still "owned" them and could do with them as they wished. (?!!!) It's a very different place today! It was a nice stop.
The incense still lingers on my clothes...


Dad said...

Hope the FMF crew enjoys the "Thanksgiving Card"'s on the way. Anyone find sushi that "tastes like turkey" yet?

Anonymous said...

The long awaited notes from Block 4:

Dear Ms Petruff,
Hope you have a great, fun, time in Japan and be safe. Also take many beautiful pictures so you can show them to us, your "favorite" class! Mana

What about fortune chips? Hi Ms P of course it you boy Rodlin, just want to say hi and we miss you alot. You're a good teacher.

Hi Ms Petruff,
as we heard, you are having a good time, that's good. Remember eat as much food as you can. I'm sure if I was there I would've been eating much...yup enjoy the rest of your trip.
Oh yea, "be safe", don't get attacked by animals.

Wuz up Ms Petruff? How is it going? This is your girl Shala. Well, the class is pretty good and I just wrote to say hi and we miss you. Oh yeah, could you bring back things like the clothes they wear?

Hey Ms P this is Kendra Glinton. Just writing to say hey and how are you. Hope you have fun for me and you. People here in class are treating Ms Beasley very kind and nice. Sorry I can't talk for long but I have to go now and finish my work.
Bye Bye *

Luciolla, Fernanda, Fabiola, Miriam, and Yoselie are saying hi, and hope you are having a nice time in Japan, and hope to see you soon.

To Ms Petruff,
I hope you are having fun. I wish I was there with you. Tell the people and Japan I said Hi.
from Markevous

Hi Ms Petruff,
Hope everything is okay in Japan, hope you have a really great time while you are over there. Be safe, Daisy D.

Dear Ms Petruff,
Hope you have a fun time in Japan and be safe, take many beautiful pictures so you can show them to us, your "favorite" class! Maria

ahhhh, finally done! check next comment for a few block 1

Anonymous said...

woops, I posted Mana's (or Maria?) comment twice on the past comment. Here's Block 1

Ms P
Do Japanese schools look similar to our schools? Tauni

Ms P
How does the lunch taste at the schools? Chris

Ms P
What are the school times? What do the kids do after school? Do they eat insects?

Timothy Bass

Anonymous said...

To my darling, inquisitive students:
I will visit a school tomorrow (whoops - I guess that's actually today - I'm up really late!) and will hopefully have more questions answered for you. Tim, I don't know about eating insects, but one of the guys in my group had a bag of tiny dried(?) fish he was eating for a snack. They reminded me of dead, dried up lizards, so despite the fact he said they tasted good with peanuts, I'm not going there. Breakfast here is quite interesting, though; I'll take a picture of it tomorrow and send it along.
-Ms. P :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Tracey,

What kind of train did you ride to see the Buddha?

I am an artist. First, I started out with pictures by crayon and pencil and marker. After that, I started making stand up paper things. Like I made a stand up Clifford with straws. And I made a car but it kind of falled over, but the top stayed straight... I think that is what happened.

Then, I started out and I started out building clay cars... some of them before the paper stand up car... I think. At first I made the wheels stick to the side and then I made the wheels touch the ground and hold the car up. I made my mom cook them upside down so that the wheels would not be touching the pan. If the wheels touch the pan before they are hard, they would get bent.

Now, I want to paint with real watercolors. Mom and I went to the art supply store. She said that you have a Jerry's Artarama in Florida, too. We got a set to make clay cars with wheels that turn, watercolors in tubes, texture stuff for watercolors, a pencil sharpener, and watercolor paper cards. I want an easel that its legs bend that you can take from place to place. I want it to be made out of wood or metal. I have an easel, but I got plastic. I got that easel when we lived in Florida, I think.