Monday, November 22, 2004

Kamakura trolley

Kamakura trolley
Originally uploaded by Tracey Petruff.
I've been taking photos of all the different kinds of transportation for especially for my godson, Bernie. They seem to have taxis in every hue (I wonder if the drivers get to pick their color), and not as many bicycles and mopeds as I would have expected. Fortunately for me, the mass transit system here is awesome - it's just a trick trying to navigate when all the signs are in Japanese!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Petruff,
How is Japan? Do you like the food? The music? Or the attractions? Well, we are doing our "Japan" journals. When are you coming back? You need to hurry up because this class is boring now!!! Have fun!!!
Christiam n Robert

Anonymous said...

Christiam and Robert,
The food: definitely different than US - but good! I am actually picking up chopsticks more often than regular silverware now, too! We eat a lot of rice, noodles, fish (many kinds, many ways), miso soup, sushi and sashimi (remind me to tell you about the converyor belt sushi I had one night!) and different kinds of radishes. Hardly any desserts.
The music - at the university I heard some students playing rock music & it sounded fairly contemporary, but we also have heard lots of traditional Japanese music. I'm trying to bring some home for you to hear.
The attractions - The program that I'm doing doesn't allow for much free time, so I haven't been to many, though we did visit the museum for the atomic bomb memorial and the Peace Park today. Haven't had time for Tokyo Disney, if that's what you mean.
The Work You Should Be Doing In Class While Ms. P is in Japan - I am really looking forward to seeing your pieces upon my return - we always make a nice book out of this assignment - I hope you all are doing your best. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Auntie Tracey!

Have you taken a ride on a bullet train, yet? And taken a picture?

Are there any trolleys there that run on electricity? We have some in Knoxville that run on gas, but they look like trolleys. They are kind of like a trolley and a bus mixed together! We had trolleys that ran on electricity but they got scrapped since they cost more money than a bus trolley to run.

Thank you for taking pictures of transportation.