Thursday, December 14, 2006

Get a piece of this -

Man I miss making mosaics...K-san, look at these would have a field day in this place - look how they put tiles on top of other tiles. Our bike ride this week took us to Hasami and Arita, known for their pottery. Absolutely awesome.


Papa san said...

A quick glance and it looks like a pile of playing cards. I take it the msaic style over there is a bit different than in the west.

K-san said...

That is what I thought they were too...playing cards. How very cool! I am sitting at lunch ALONE trying to keep up with all you are doing. Never a dull moment it appears. Loved the pug dog. Such a fashionista. Lots of love and Holiday Blessings are sent your way. Merry Merry Christmas, K-san