Thursday, December 14, 2006

"objects in mirror are BRIGHTER than they appear"

The good news: I found a hair salon - that was even close to my house. The other good news: I think the cut looks pretty good - especially considering they've probably never cut a gaijin's hair before. And now the really good news: if I don't light up a room with my smile, well, at least I can with my hair now. Dear, lord. I think it's orange. Obviously my concept of "streaks and highlighting" did not translate well into Japanese. I should have just stopped with the cut, but nooooo - had to try to get that grey outta my hair. Everytime I've looked in my mirror (which of course, if I stand up straight, only shows me my chin down to the top of my chest!) I just tell myself it's ok - it's like another one of Jennifer Garner's new Alias looks (only without her killer abs, etc.). Anyway. It'll grow. And I have hats.

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Papa san said...

It's............interesting. Cut looks pretty good but the color is hard to see (maybe it really is...hmmmm). I take it "full-length mirror" is another foreign concept. As for Jennifer's abs .....ahhh, I can only dream. Glad I sent you that hat. I'll bet your bike helmet does a good job....looks a bit strange in the classroom though.