Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Well, here it is - a fresh daikon - my favorite veggie ("yasai") at the moment because it's so cheap ("yasui"). Carrots are currently a yasui yasai, so I have been cutting up both and snacking on them at school (an effort - mostly in vain - to stay away from the yummy pastries that keep taunting me).
"You eat them LAW???" ? One of the Japanese teachers was pointing to the bag of raw daikon and carrot sticks - "LAW?" - "Oh - OH - RAW - ah - yes - it's actually quite a popular thing back home!" I found this surprise and amusement - well - amusing, since the first time I was served daikon, it was cut up like I had done, but then some dressing was added and it was served on a plate. Maybe it looks funny for me to be eating these veggies like chips out of a bag?
Anyway - in the photo - daikons are larger than they appear :) You should see me lugging these home from the A-Coop on my jitensha. I guess the night we took the photo I didn't feel like lighting up the kerosene heater - because I'm wearing almost everything I own, there. The plaid thing is called a "hanko" (which is also the name of my official name stamp/seal - tho, of course, my name stamp doesn't keep me as warm) which is a very popular half-coat-quilty thing.


boots said...

So does size matter?

Anonymous said...

In my experience, not so much, really - the ones I've seen are all about the same, and all about 68 yen.