Tuesday, January 23, 2007


That would be "katakana English" for "postcard"! Well, I WANT YOU - yes, YOU to do me a big favor! The kids here are planning another culture festival, and we are doing something with postcards from the USA...so - get your cute self to the local "konbini" (aka - convienence store) or tourist trap and get a cheap, cheesy post card from your area. Feel free to get creative in your message, or just "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful" works, too (though, of course, I'd be the only one to get that joke since stuff like that is totally lost on the peeps here). Tell your friends! Make it a class assignment (I'm sure you can fit some FCAT objectives around a 'handmade postcard to Japan' lesson). Let's see how many states we can get to represent!
Mail it to:
Tracey Petruff, ALT
Isahaya High School
Nagasaki-ken, Isahaya-shi
1-7, Higashikouji-machi
854-0014 Japan


...okay...go on now...I'll be waiting with baited breath by the mailbox... ("baited breath" - yet another thing lost on peeps here - anyone know a good explanation of that phrase? Or did I just make it up?)

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