Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, you just had to be there - sorry - once again an image from my phone - don't have the connections here to upload images from the camera. The girls were just TOO cute! Thanks to Cara's care package, I had a fab shirt to wear today (sorry - can't see it too well with all the layers I still have to wear here!), and lots of candy and stickers to hand out (yes, I did keep some for myself, but - hey, you really made me look like a champ!). As per Cara's directions on the "Conversation Hearts", I had an 'instant English lesson'! I went around today giving out the candy hearts to those that would read them! The girls are here posing with their "lessons". Such good students I have :)
Now I'm off to hop a train to Nag to treat myself to a chai tea latte and a movie. Ciao!

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