Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Chris' Pizza

If you ever find yourself in Japan and desperately need real American food, don't miss this place. In fact, don't miss it if you're ever in Nagasaki! I went here for the SuperBowl - watched the replay - with no commercials - that was strange. However, afterwards Chris lugged over a computer so we could watch the commercials. I had an excellent little pizza, though Chris also offered a steak dinner that night, too. Yum. And I thought I wouldn't have a good pizza again for a couple of years...And, added bonus - who knew that Nagasaki had its very own Ewan McGregor look alike? Make sure to ask to see Chris as Ewan on the magazine cover, and don't leave without saying hi to Mr. Lincoln and Elvis.


Jon Frashier said...

Nagasaki sundeita toki ni onnaka suitara kurisu's piza de tabemashita. sugoi oishi to omoimashita..demo ne....kurisu's piza wa nagasaki-shi ni iru dake ne? isahaya mo iru no? Shitsumon ga arimasu...ima wa koko de hatarikmasu ne...itsu kaeru tsumori desu ka...san nen isahaya ni sundeite to ne...:P

Jon Frashier

PS..I"m still here even though you don't answer my blog comments..hehe

Jon Frashier said...

sundeite to ne= sundeinai to ne

Papa san said...

Leave it to you to find a place like this in Japan. Looks like a neat place. Do they deliver?

Tracey Petruff said...

Jon san,

Your confidence in my Japanese far exceeds my abilities at the plesent :) (actually, I think I understand the gist of what you're saying, but I want to use this as a little English lesson with my soji groupies...)
Chotto matte....

("soji groupie" - student who come every day to hang out with me to talk or hear English music instead of doing soji - cleaning - until we get busted!)

Tracey Petruff said...

As promised - What I think Jon really said...

When I lived in Nagasaki, when I was hungry I ate Chris’s Pizza. As I recall, it was (amazingly) delicious. However, Chris’ Pizza is only in Nag, isn’t it? Is there another one in Isahaya, too? I have a question…now I have to get to work here, ne...when do you expect to return? Three years in Isahaya, then?

Sundeite = Sundeinai to ne (Nagasaki-ben???)
Sugoi - amazing
Demo – however, but, any ("nan demo ii" – anything will do)
Inai (ni) - within
Dake – only
Toki – within
Hatarikimasu – get/go to work
Kaeru – return
Tsumori – expectation, intention

and J-san, I think it's really "aru" not "iru", ne - :)

Jon Frashier said...

haha, nice job..yes it is Aru not Iru, brief oversight :P..

ima wa koko de hatarikmasu ne...itsu kaeru tsumori desu ka...san nen isahaya ni sundeite to ne...:P

Right now you work at a High School right? When do you plan on coming back? You Should stay in Isahaya 3 years right? ( nai form + to ne is kind of advice)

I am happy you finally answered my comment hehe. My favorite pizza is the Tuna and Mayo pizza, I just can't get enough of it. And Chris said he used to work at Little Caesar's so his bread sticks taste like theirs.

Anywho I'm glad everything is going smashing over there, keep up the good work on the Japanese!


Jon Frashier said...

I meant to put (Sundeinai to ne) NOT Sundeite to ne again hehe..

san nen isahaya ni Sundeinai to ne=You should live/stay in Isahaya for 3 years shouldn't you?


Tracey Petruff said...

Arigatou gozaimasu! That makes a little more sense...
Yeah, it's a rough ride here at Kanko, but somebody has to do it! Speaking of Kanko, I can't believe the sannensei graduate next week!!! I will miss them!
Oh - and I'll check out the tuna and mayo pizza, tho, not a huge fan of the mayo. (what're the Japanese? from Montreal? At least there are no flies. Yet)

Chris' Pizza said...

Tracy - I finally found the piece of paper you left your blog address on. Thanks a ton for the plug.

Any chance of coming down for a bit of Guinness or green beer on the 17th? After all, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day.


Tracey Petruff said...

Well, Chris, I am legitimately Irish anyway! But we'll see if I can wave a majic wand and turn some of the peeps at Kanko here Irish, too, for a day!
I don't think I'll make it over for St. Pat's this year - I've already got another obligation, I'm afraid. But, drink up, yo!