Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shamisen Serenade

As promised - I hope you enjoy! The music and instument (and man???) are from Okinawa. This music is fundamentally different than what our Western ears are accustomed to, but the it is growing on me...
(ps - wait for the whole video to load first - when the red line gets all the way to the right of the bottom of the screen, then push 'play')
And a big "shout out" of thanks to my Aunt Barbara and all the Theresians who've been sending postcards! They're great! The kids (and teachers!) are so excited!


Anonymous said...

Hi!!I'm Hanae☆I'm Isahaya high school student.I enjoy talking to you at lunch time.
Okinawa music is very good!!!Do you know "Nadasousou"?It's good Okinawa song♪

Papa san said...

Very interesting music. Not at all what I expected. The tune is strange but the intrevals used seem pretty standard. I expected to be hearing notes that fall between our standard notes but that didn't seem to be the case,