Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Taiko drum

Kore wa ouendan no taiko desu, yo! Sugoi, ne! I keep trying to convince the guys to let me "play" it, but the boys on the team get very serious and try to explain that it's sacred; unless you are the "drummer" you can't touch it. (no MC Hammer jokes, please.) Even the other guys on the Ouendan team aren't allowed! Hopefully by the beginning of next week I'll have another short video clip of them performing. Right now the kids are all taking their final exams, sannensei graduate Thursday & Saturday (2 different campuses), and with my birthday also scheduled this week, it's a little busy.


Jon Frashier said...

aww Tracey, your birthday is scheduled? hehe.....I love Taiko drums...do you ever play that taiko drum arcade game? I've seem some little kids do some pretty insane things with that arcade game. Jon

Jon said...

I was actually curious are you staying just this year or are you able to stay longer? I didn't know if your school would only give you leave/sebatacle or whatever you call it for just one year or longer? Jets now can stay for 4 years :P if you want to hehe...Jon

Jon said...


Anonymous said...

All the ELY PEEPS got your postcard today. It was a big hit as it is FCAT week and everyone needs some sunshine (even from Japan). Thanks for the thoughts. Feels like I am in perpetual motion these days. Sorry I am lousy at communicating lately. Hope all is well. Love the blog. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. Anything special planned? K-san

Tracey Petruff said...

I've put in to recontract for next year. Don't know yet if the school board at home will approve a different sabbatical for me yet. But I just don't want to leave these sweet kids and swinging enkai(s) just yet. :) I've seen the taiko game at the arcade across from the Nag ekimae, but it was too smoky, so I didn't stay to see how it's played. Maybe I'll try the one at AMU plaza. As for hearing Taiko, I hope to on Sunday when I visit the Nag "Rantan" (lantern, of course!) Festival.

Hey, Kelly!
Wondered how my postcard(s) would be received. FYI - I'll be sending in a request (to the Leaves Dept., and Ely will probably get it, too) for a different leave for next year, since I've put in to recontract here. I feel like everything is just on the edge of my understanding, and I want to stick around a little longer till I get a better grasp of systems, procedures, etc. It's really very interesting, throw in with that all the other factors of living in such a foreign place...keeps me busy.
No big birthday plans - have to work that day and the next, of course, but have an enkai (not for me, tho!) Friday night and one after the grad ceremonies on Saturday, too. Hoping after the Friday one we'll be able to go out for karaoke or something!
Glad you're enjoying the blog! Hope more peeps do, too!
t-sensei :)