Thursday, March 22, 2007

Huis Ten Bosch by Day

So on my random, middle of the week holiday yesterday, I wandered around Huis Ten Bosch with the express purpose of communing with the blooming tulips. At the moment, I'll admit to preferring the company of flowers to most people (except the students - they're always like happy, bright flowers!) here. (I do hope that changes soon - I'm just in a bit of a funk since some people think that everything is a fun adventure for me here, and most of the time it's as difficult as a long climb in spinning class. I know I'll be stronger, etc in the end, but sometimes I'd like to just have a friendly face around - one that understands me without my even having to open my mouth. Just someone - just ONE - that could simply "be there" - but I suppose this is all teaching me some kind of lesson. So I'll try be a good student, eh? Any prayers to that extent are gladly accepted :) )
(OK - ranting done now - )
I did, however meet and chat with a delightful young Japanese lady in the the gelato - "gerato" - line; she just moved back from Texas last year. She had her hands full with two gelatos and a two year old, so the conversation wasn't too long :)
The tulips with the quiet whirring of the windmills behind were so peaceful. I liked their almost defiant attitude towards the dull earth - these bright bits just shot boldly up towards the sun, following it as it rode across the sky.
(did you notice the "vanGogh tulip"? the yellow tulip with one red petal...)


Tracey Petruff said...

Try as I might, I can't seem to get the photos and text formatted correctly... shoganai! gomen!

Anonymous said...

Are you really in Japan? or Holland? What a gorgeous shot of the windmill, Trace. Our tulips here are just about ready to bloom - and I can't wait. Grandma Schutte would usually come out to Colorado right about the time they would start to bloom - and that was always something to really look forward to.

Prayers and love to you!

Cara said...

Tulips are up so it must be getting warmer - spring is here! Hang in there - with the warmer weather will also come warmer people.... and I love the Van Gogh tulip and the windmill - reminds me of Holland... Can you send the pics so I can print them? please? :-) My work space needs some spring cleaning and redecorating!