Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Kohai, Senpai

Sorry! I've been a little busy the past couple of days! After the graduation ceremony, all the students went back to their homerooms and it was there that they received their diplomas from their homeroom teachers. It seems that they were then allowed to do little speeches to their parents, teachers, and classmates, and one of the classes was in there for almost 3 hours! It was very emotional (and I didn't even really understand what they were saying!). Outside, however, the ichi and ninensei "kohai" were a bit more celebratory while waiting for their sannensei "senpai". From what I understand, the older students are responsible to be "senpai" to the younger students; they're leaders and mentors, and it's taken quite seriously. So, after graduation, each club waited outside to cheer their senpai members in various ways. Most of them had made boards with the senpai's name and notes to them from all the kohai, though the band members signed the top of a timpani drum instead! In the photos you see the tennis team donning cute "boshi" (hats), but most of the others wore either their team or school uniform. These students are soooo serious all the time; it was refreshing to see them so excited and happy with each other!

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