Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Omedetto Otanjobi to me

Just another classic Japanese moment! The Kanko staff had an enkai (formal Japanese dinner party) Friday night to celebrate the graduation and the track coach's national award (I made a post around Christmas - his team placed 5th in the nation on 12/24). HOWEVER, after my very genki kyoto sensei (asst. principal, pictured here) heard it was my birthday, he made everyone stop and sing "Happy Birthday" (in English!). As the rousing rendition was coming to a close, he swooped up one of the flowers from the arrangement in the room and presented it to me. I had a pretty low-key time after that - just met up with some of the other Isahaya ALTs at Bar Mole in the Arcade here (the owner plays great jazz music and is the father of one of my students). Called it an early night, because as you'll see, the day after my birthday was a busy one!

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Gina said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Dear Traaaaaceeeeeey!

Happy Birthday to you!

(Yeah, it is really May... but I thought about you in March... and just got back to re-commenting on your blog... it is a really long story... bored yet??)