Thursday, March 01, 2007

Congratulations to the Grads!

Today was a very happy day here at Kanko! This Japanese graduation ceremony was quite different than what I'm used to in the US, but, it seemed fitting for here. First, all the students came to school as usual, an in uniform. Everyone went to the gym, and for the most part, even with over a 1000 people, unless we were singing, it was quiet. There was no "walking across the stage" either. Kocho sensei (the principal, in the photo here) stood at the podium, homeroom teachers called students' names, the students said "Hai", stood, and bowed to Kocho sensei (and he to them). Only 3 speeches - kocho sensei, a ninensei, and a sannensei. The band and chorus (several hundred students) did several numbers, and things wrapped up with the Ouendan ('cheer' team) performance. I'll show you the "after" grad festivities later. Now I need to wrestle with foreign ingredients and a Japanese oven to try to make my birthday cake for tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

I'd add, "Congratulations to all the teachers who got them to this point in their lives!" :-)
Love you, Trace
Aunt Barb