Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Even though I often wish that the students and teachers here "had a 'life'" (don't their families miss them a little? I swear - some of the teachers DO actually sleep in their desk at night and pop out the next morning), I do love walking around after school and hearing the constant sing-song of the softball and soccer teams; the grunts from the rugby players (who always seem to be in competition to see who can be the dirtiest and/or most injured); the shrieks from the kendo room (I seriously thought some violent crime was being committed in the gym the first time I heard them!); the yelling and steady taiko drum beat from the ouendan, and the random squeaks, squawks, and bellows from the band.
My work day officially ends at 4, but I'm often here afterwards, and I'm never the last to leave. At least the kids really make it worth my while. It's so nice not to worry about keeping an eye on them all the time...they just do what they're told/expected to do - or they're at least reeeally good not getting caught being naughty!
Today Dean sensei (the Australian ALT here) and I get to do an eikaiwa class (English conversation) at a local cafe/bar called Neutral. Should be interesting - he's hilarious and his Japanese is bang on, but he's allergic to planning anything ahead - and he roped me into this...oh, boy...

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