Monday, April 16, 2007

The Sensei-tions! Play Place VBall Champs

Well, we placed 3rd, anyway. Even won some money (which couldn't easily be divided, so we just gave it to our local charity). I'm not exactly sure what "Play Place" is, but Jared (the guy with glasses on my right) rounded up some of us Isahaya ALTs (including Colin 'the Tall' and Dean - the Aussie) to participate in a "barebaru" tournament with this social group of young Japanese people. They were all very genki, but man it was painful to watch - I don't even think if there were refs that they would have had a clue as to how to call the game. So we just had fun. At least no one was too competitive. Though the game should have been easy (considering our height and the net's lack thereof!), we used a ball normally reserved for kickball tourneys and if there were lines on the court, I couldn't see 'em. But like I said it was still fun. It just ended up being about 4 hours long, and without having had dinner, we were all a little whipped by the time they snapped this pic. Of course, the night before I did my best to be social (despite the rumors, it really is a stretch for me much of the time) at "Body to Soul" in Nagasaki, so that could also account for the fact I was running on near empty.

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