Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's a giant chicken, I tell you, a giant chicken!

(No picture this post - you just have to use your imagination with this one, or see an old episode of "Animaniacs")
OK - alright - you can have a picture, then. Doing a websearch for a "giant chicken" was just too much fun.

Right then. So you know how sometimes teachers "mess up" on purpose to check to make sure students are paying attention? That's what I was doing in Tuesday's post.
I believe it was my dear friend, Mr. W, another ex-JET, who called me on the picture falsely labeled a "tori" - which is really "chicken" in Japanese. "Torii" is a shrine gate. (Mr. Anonymous clarified this in one of the comments for that post - I figure it was Mr. W or Jon, and Jon's usually brave enough to sign his name) So thanks for clearing that up for us. So here's how I responded to that comment (in case you haven't been reading the comments)
OH, come ON! It's a giant chicken! Haven't you heard that one? Forgive me for not checking up on my source (a Japanese person) who wrote - in romaji - "tori" for me when I asked what this was. I just thought it was funny that it was the same as "chicken".

So - I stand corrected. Please make sure to continue commenting on grammar, factual, or just generally insane absurdities I'm inclined to just makes this less of a one-sided dialogue here. And I could really use the practice in English...


Gina said...

Wow. That is a giant chicken.

(Now go back and re-read that last sentence with emphasis on a different word each time--entertaining, no??)

I try.

Anonymous said...

It is I, Mr. Anonymous again to ask you the question that has stumped Zen Buddhist philosophers and priests for eons:
Why DID the tori cross the road?
Possible answer:
To see the f&%king huge penis.
Other possible answers:
For dinner at the yakitori-ya.
Your answer: _____________
How did you score?
Something to think about:
What is the sound of one wing flapping?

Anonymous said...

Chicken Boo, what's the matter with you?
You don't act like the other chickens do.
You wear a disguise to look like human guys.
But you're not a man, you're a chicken, Boo.

Seema said...

Keep up the good work.