Wednesday, May 02, 2007

We have to hike THERE?

You can see why I was so tired...on the second day of the "boot camp" for the ichinensei, we hiked up to the top of that mountain there in the distance. Actually, I think my group thought it was a race. One of the teachers (who drove up the mountain) asked me if I was tired - we were the first ones up. Yeah, a little tired. But that's really not the excuse I have for not writing...I've just been pretty busy at work, and it's been raining a lot, so I don't bring my computer back and forth (it's touchy as it is). I've got to run now, though, since I actually have a couple of days off, and I've got to catch a train to Unzen (which is taller than that mountain in the distance there). Let you know how it goes.


Jon Frashier said...

I may not always make a comment but I always look forward to reading what's going on. You are on the last stretch, only a few more months and then you've done it! You've been in Japan a year! Did you recontract already? I hope all is well. Jon

Anonymous said...

I see by the old calendar (actually, it's not that old; it's pretty current) that it's Children's Day in Japan. Tell them all I said hello!

P.S. As cliche' as it sounds, I hope you're doing fine.

Steve Woloszn

Tracey Petruff said...

Well, good, I'm glad someone is reading this. I know it sounds like I'm going out all the time and having a blast (which I do, as often as possible), but honestly, I'm alone more often than not (my character will be so strong after all this, I swear!), and sometimes I wonder if the people I used to know on the other side of the world still exist. As you know, Jon, life here (and you can imagine for an inakajin in Isahaya like me!) can be a little isolating. I mean I'm definitely using this "alone" time as a chance to figure things out, but since "home" is such a distant place right now (and with Dad moving to Georgia, I don't even really know where "home" IS at the moment), it sometimes doesn't seem real.
Again - building character.
So, yes, I did recontract, because frankly, I don't feel like I've finished doing what I've come here to do, and I honestly don't know where I'm going to make my new home. The more I sit with this decision to recontract, the better I feel about it, despite the fact that life is really lonely and hard sometimes. It is liberating being here - especially now that I have a pack/tent/sleeping bag - I can - and often do - just pick up and go somewhere new. I've made some good acquaintences in Fukuoka, and hopefully they will soon be friends I can count on.
Thanks for writing, Jon and Steve. You help keep me going :)

And ps - I did mention that I LOVE my students, colleagues and the staff here, didn't I? I can't help but smile thinking of them...

Gina said...

That mountain is *almost* as high as the pile of laundry that I climbed today. The dryer is still going (it is nearly 1am here) on the last load.

Oh yeah--this is supposed to be about you. :)

Ya know, where ever you land you will make it "home." Heck, lady, if you can do a stint in Japan--with the language barrier, the cultural differences, the lack of well, ahem--you will land on your feet anywhere.

I am not going to tell you "chin up" because you are already doing that. I am going to tell you, "reach out." We have not forgotten you--honest!--we just get busy and internet connections act up (see my blog rant for today) and life whirls by.

So, kick us in the pants and remind us that we are your lifeline.

Love you, sweet girl!
Gina ;~}